School Lunch Orders


Each Friday our students have the opportunity to purchase a lunch order from one of two suppliers; The Guyra Bakery and The Guyra Café. With the increase in choice available, please remember;

  • One lunch order per student
  • One supplier per order (Unfortunately we can not have the one student ordering from both suppliers)
  • Money is to be placed in the bag (Or in a siblings bag and well marked). No change given.
  • Each order MUST be in a brown paper bag and have clearly labeled;
    • Student Name
    • Supplier at the top of the bag
    • Item and cost

The brown paper bag is a requirement from our supplier’s and we would appreciate orders coming to school in brown paper bags

The Guyra Café PriceThe Guyra BakeryPrice
Wraps – make your own Plain meat pie (no flavour)$3.50                
Meat & Cheese$4.00Plain Junior/Party meat pie$2.00
Meat + 3 salad items s/w$4.50Pizzas$3.50
Warm Goodies Sausage rolls$3.50
Ham, Cheese or Cheese Toasty$4.50Bacon and Cheese bread rolls$3.00
Cheese burger (homemade beef patty, cheese & tomato sauce)$7.00Sandwiches 
Toasted Chicken Wrap (crumbed chicken tender, cheese and mayo or sweet chilli sauce)$7.00Ham or egg +1 or 2 other fillings$4.00
UFO Ham cheese & pineapple (Tom sauce)$2.50Chicken +1 or 2 other fillings$4.50
UFO Chicken & cheese (BBQ sauce)$2.50Salad roll (please indicate meat or egg)$5.00
Chicken nuggets x 3$3.00  
Chicken nuggets x 6$6.50  
Fish cocktails x 1$1.70  
Spaghetti Bowl$5.50  
Fried Rice Bowl$4.00  
Fried Rice Bowl with 4 nuggets$6.50  
Muffin Banana/Blueberry or Choc chip$3.00