Welcome to St Mary of the Angels

Welcome to St Mary of the Angels, a Kindergarten to Year 6 Catholic Primary School.

At St Mary of the Angels, we are part of the Armidale Catholic Schools, an extensive education system, which offers children outstanding educational opportunities in spacious, flexible contemporary facilities, built for innovative teaching and learning.

St Mary of the Angels, Guyra is a community that strives ever higher. It is a place where positive relationships between our staff, students and families enables us to create an environment of respect, happiness, learning and encouragement.

Our school has embedded the ‘Living Well, Learning Well’ student support framework with the three pillars that all students know and understand:

  • I am Safe
  • I am Valued, Respected and Cared for
  • I am a Learner

The core purpose of St Mary of the Angels is to provide an exciting and rigorous learning curriculum in a safe and inspiring environment, with skilled and highly motivated adults to best prepare our young people for their life journey of discovery and service to their community.

Additionally at St Mary of the Angels Primary School, we support the members of the Parish Community in providing a faith formation for their young people. St Mary of the Angels Primary School offers young people a quality Catholic education based on the teaching of the Church and within the context of a strong faith community.

We strive to develop curious, imaginative, independent learners who demonstrate resilience, self-esteem,
strong social values and a willingness for service to others. Our mission is to provide expanded
opportunities for our young people to acquire skills to become citizens in our changing society, to reach their full academic potential and develop their faith and moral character.

Our small school advantage enables us to support all young people in our inclusive environment that
celebrates diversity and awakens possibility. Our comprehensive learning programs foster the gifts and
talents of our young people and provide engaging opportunities to celebrate their endeavours.
At St Mary of the Angels, we have a strong parent community who are a vital part of our school.
Our skilled helpful adults engender meaningful, respectful relationships with parents as we partner in the
learning journey of your children. Parents are actively encouraged to connect with all aspects of school life at St Mary of the Angels, Guyra.